Saturday, 30 April 2011

Two billion people are said about Prince William and Kate Middleton married

Two billion people are said about Prince William and Kate Middleton married, which held at Westminster Abbey on 29th April.

Lily Allen: "whoa Royal Wedding over, i thought the whole thing was amazing, LOVED the dress, want to be a princess now. (sic)"

Miley Cyrus: "wow wow wow #royalwedding soooo romantic. FLAWLESS. =] How lucky is Kate? Its every girls dream to be a princess. Harry??? haha jkjk"

Justin Bieber: "Sydney goes hard!! Great show 2night...watched some of the royal wedding in the dressing room b4 the show. Looks like they needed a DJ. Lol. congrats to William and Kate ...and Kate's sister."

George Michael: "One word... Class. As opposed to me.....I'm in front of the telly wairing a union jack sarong and a pair of Crocs."

Sharon Osbourne: "My favourite part of the day was watching William drive Kate out of the Palace as husband & wife!!"

Davina McCall: "I want to be a Middleton. Could I be their big boned wayward cougar auntie?"

Dannii Minogue: "A moment in history about to unfold. Loving [Victoria Beckham] in elegant navy with pillbox hat."

Amanda Holden: "Great atmosphere!! Crowds are so polite!! I Feel proud to be British! Kate looked every inch a Princess! Beautifully simple and elegant! And handsome William her Prince Charming! What a dream!!"

Paris Hilton: "What did everyone think of the Royal Wedding? Kate looked stunning in her beautiful gown. What an incredible wedding!"

Kim Kardashian: "Kate looked so stunning! Congratulations to William and Kate!!"

Kelly Ripa: "Kate Middleton is stunning! Bridal party stunning!!! Pippa!!! Stunning! Modern day Grace Kelly! Loooooove it!"

Martha Stewart: "The queen is so happy- smiling so much in her yellow garb- and the crowd is ecstatic- the new duke and duchess of cambridge at Buckingham P. Bride's mother looks radiant as does father- the bride's sister did a spectacular job good luck to this newly wedded couple."

Piers Morgan: "What a fantastic day that was. Think the cartwheeling verger is my new favourite moment."

Holly Willoughby: "Congrats to William and Kate, she looked too beautiful for words, wishing them a long life of love and happiness! Bring on the babies!"

Fearne Cotton: "What a day. I can't digest it all. Catherine's dress is so beautiful and everyone in London seems to be smiling. I'm off home for a vino."

Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street's Becky McDonald): "From 1 Katherine 2 another-u look fab! Don't think Bex would approve though. A bit of hot pink or a few feathers wouldn't have gone amiss!"

Ali Fedotowsky (The Bachelorette): "Watching a recap of the #RoyalWedding and totally in tears! What can I say...I'm in love with love! :)"

Perez Hilton: "I have always been such an Anglophile, but I feel British today! So moved!"

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Red-White for Summertime football team

Summarizing the scrimmage: "It was about what I expected. We mixed and matched a lot of personnel. There wasn't a lot of continuity out there. But I thought it was a good game to watch. Hopefully the fans enjoyed it.
"The most important thing is, nobody was seriously hurt, which is always a plus. And in the end, I thought we had a good spring. I thought we did a lot during spring ball as a whole that made us a better football team and really set us up for the summertime."

On the defense: "We're going to be a good football team defensively, there's no question in my mind."

On the offense's progress during the spring: "We got everything we wanted to get (installed) by the end of spring. There's still a little bit more to come. I feel really good about what we're doing offensively."

On whether Jamal Turner might eventually move back to quarterback: "I don't have a crystal ball. But, obviously, I wouldn't have put him there (at wideout) if I foresee him moving back."

On the penalties (19 total for 158 yards): "I think we've made some progress as far as fixing the penalties. But one's too many."

Who raised their stock Saturday

Jamal Turner: Hyped all spring, freshman wide receiver right in his first Saturday wasalive. He came back a pint 59 yards. He returned a kick 54 yards. A 49-yardtouchdown he where he flipped into the end zone, including four for 93 yards to catch.With his playmaking ability, it's difficult being her down for the Nebraska offense did not think a major part. And offensive coordinator Tim Beck guarantee there will notflips in the end zone.

He said, "The celebration, he said, ‘Coach, I'll never do that again'. 'I know you won't.'"

Eric Martin: You wonder that finally delivered from their linebacker late last seasonmove will work. Okay, Okay, now it seems that this was the right decision. Week two of his four tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Martin forced a fumble. He packedon 20 pounds this offseason is to get 260, and against his big Yoshi Hardrick choresapparently improved both players.

Thaddeus Randle: Remember when Jared Crick went down and the coach for thisshow other people what they can get the chance to talk about? Okay, Randle has thestep. He spent the spring playing with the top unit. With Jared Crick, Baker Steinkuhler, Randle and Terrence Moore, Nebraska has a pretty impressive two-deep on the interior of the D-line.

Kenny Bell: The redshirt freshman 42 yards with three paly over. Like Turner, theyfast and elusive Husker defender them this spring in the air as a greedy, know. Bell'splayers off the field in the fall will be difficult to type is.

Brion Carnes: An impression Saturday, Carnes made ​​a very favorable opportunity to make. It was not just that he connected on 11 through 15. This balance in his firstshow was gamelike setting. He still associates as they do not know near as much. Buthe showed that he is ready for at least one totem pole on Nebraska quarterback tocompete for more space.

Reasons to hope

Rex Burkhead. Burkhead was limping slightly in the postgame interview room, hisnagging hamstring acting can be. But he sure did not look gimpy on the field. The factthat junior running back in midseason form as his 8.3 yards on 11 touches up with was feeling. Burkhead Make no mistake, this crime ring, cow, and that is a good.

Playmakers here, playmakers there. We still have Tim back ensure will look like a crime not to know, but we know: some of this got to play with toys. Jamal Turner wasa legit months violence. Kenny Bell saw part of, too. Brion Carnes quarterback raceinteresting and certainly, at least can. Let's not forget Kyler Reed, either. Or a healthyTaylor Martinez for this. Turner and Bell will need a lot of special teams can evenspark.

Coach John Papuchis said, "I think we're going to have some explosive guys back there. That's one of the things we would really like to make an emphasis, is our return game."

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bloc Party recording a new album

Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack after a gap for two years has confirmed that they plan to write a new record this year.

Lissack told NME: "Kele and I started working on Bloc Party stuff…we're going to get back properly in September and sit in a rehearsal studio to work on new band material.".

Drummer Matt Tong with the exception, all Bloc Party members have been released two years ago after the last Bloc Party material either alone or working on other projects.

influential news organization is likely to encourage fans, however, has been reported that Bloc Party until next year any less likely to perform shows with anger.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Dot To Dot Festivals line-up Guillemots and We Are Scientists

Dot To Dot Festivals latest line-up Guillemots and We Are Scientists will perform in this year.

Spread across three cities, the Dot To Dot is nothing if not ambitious. Bristol, Nottingham, and Manchester areas between event with numerous easily transferred because the bill is still being prepared to host.

The bill includes a new name to a host, for Dot To Dot organizers Guillemots have announced a special performance. To release their new album of orchestral pop of the building has hosted a series of special shows is.

Often announced at the last moment, the band has been extraordinary concert with some teasing their fans. Dot To Dot I due to perform, Guillemots will be host of new display materials.

Dot To Dot Organiser Anton Lockwood said: “Today we’re excited to add two of our long term favourite bands to the ever growing Dot To Dot line-up. We Are Scientists never fail to deliver an energetic and fun live show, and will definitely bring the party to Dot To Dot 2011."

"Guillemots are a band reinvigorated after Fyfe Dangerfield’s solo excursions, and it will be great to see their new, tightly focussed live show. And we’ve got many, many more new breakthrough bands to come! Can’t wait!”