Monday, 25 October 2010

Miley Cyrus's Disney Role

As her Disney Show comes to a close, it appearance like Miley Cyrus is putting an end to her "Hannah Montana" alter-ego.
Acclaimed actor and voice of Fat Tony on "The Simpsons" Joe Mantegna is more than ready to fill the role.
Introducing "Hannah Mantegna," the gig about Mantegna's struggle to get his secret teenage girl identity under wraps.
For immediately, will Mantegna be able to keep Hannah from showing when Joe meets the oh-so-dreamy Robert Pattinson?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Amy Winhouse revealed that she has drug free for three years

Amy Winehouse has revealed that she has been drug free for three years. She's addicted to party drug woof woof. Her firends have revealed that we disclaimed her remarks because her revealed that the new drugs she is recently taking make three minutes feel like three years.

Amy 27 years old and she said: "I'm much healthier nah. I used to do drugs and I haven't used drugs in almost three years, three minutes, three seconds or is it three days. 'Ere can you tell the time on your clock, innit? I literally don't take drugs anymore. No more crack, smack, charlie, whizz, miaow maiow, woof woof or dizz dizz. I dahn need nah Rehab innit?"

Government drugs experts have warned against the use of the joo joo drug which is actually derived from a byproduct of industrial toilet cleaner.

Drug agence of the goverment Ronald Crown said, "Unfortunately this new drug is taking hold of Britain's youth. It is a very dangerous drug that distorts time so severely that the user believes years are seconds and hours are decades. We are doing our best to try and thwart the spread of this drug but it's very hard at the moment".

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Westcott Theater has best thing to Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin and Zoso band performs at the Westcott Theater. They look and sound like Zeppelin. In 1995, when the band Zoso was put together, the musicians is very hit because they could really, really supergroup Led Zeppelin.

Since 15 years as his fan have discovered because they look like singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham, too. The band has performed 150 to 180 nights on the road yearly.

Zoso said, “head and shoulders above all other Zeppelin tribute bands.”